The choir is both a registered charity and a limited company.  Strategic decisions are taken by the Trustees, who are all choir members and also directors of the company, usually in consultation with our musical team.  Our Memorandum and Articles of Association are here:  BFCS Memorandum and Articles of Association   Currently there are 14 Trustees – see image below.   Many of the choir members are volunteers who undertake activities like refreshments, ticket sales, fundraising, front-of-house work at concerts, etc. Offers of help are always welcome!

The Trustees are elected at the Annual General Meeting which takes place after a rehearsal in October.  The AGM also includes a presentation by the Chair of Trustees about the choir’s activities and progress over the previous year, with reports from the Musical Director, Membership Secretary and Treasurer (who presents the accounts).  Members have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss the choir’s affairs.

The choir has 6 Strategic Aims:

  • BFCS will sing a range of music centred on the classical canon
  • BFCS will maintain its financial health by active planning
  • BFCS will maintain its singing membership at a level which facilitates both good musical performance and financial health
  • BFCS will strive to increase concert audiences, both to improve its financial health and to fulfil its stated objective of fostering public knowledge and appreciation of choral music
  • BFCS will seek to foster music-making and music appreciation in the wider Bradford community
  • BFCS will maintain its organisation in a way which fosters effectiveness, democracy and accountability

There is more detail about each of the aims here:  BFCS Strategic Aims 2018.11.12

Images of the trustees of Bradford Festival Choral Society

Bradford Festival Choral Society Trustees