music library

Our YouTube channel features some great resources, including vocal sessions from brilliant professional singers, interesting recordings of our current repertoire where available, learning parts of our current repertoire and of course all our recent concert recordings, together with some fascinating archive material.

Visit it here:

This term’s rehearsal schedule:

You can view or download our summer term rehearsal schedule here, which includes the scores we will be using:


Recommended recordings and YouTube / Spotify playlists for summer term:

Summer 2024 Opera Odyssey – YouTube

Recordings of voice parts

You can buy CDs, or download MP3 files, of your voice part in most of the classical choral works from 

You can also find free rehearsal files for older music which is out of copyright on a website called John Fletcher Music.

For music still in copyright if you would like to use the John Fletcher Music tool one of our members has set up a BFCS subscription which requires a contribution of £5 to cover a one year subscription, and any monies received above the annual fee will be donated to BIASAN.  If you would like to join this subscription please contact James Mitchell via Facebook Messenger or see him at rehearsal – he sings with the tenors, or send a message to

Singing teachers

We keep a list of singing teachers our members have recommended.  If you would like to add your teacher to the list, or ask us to recommend one, please email

Sight reading

You may find this online resource (which you have to pay for) helpful for developing your sight reading/sight singing: