BFCS is committed to taking all reasonable measures to ensure that the risks of harm to children and vulnerable adults are minimised. BFCS trustees have agreed the following safeguarding policy:

  1. Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility. We will work together to prevent and minimise opportunities
    for abuse. If we have concerns that someone is being abused, our loyalty to the vulnerable person comes
    before anything else – our group, our colleagues and the person’s friends and family.
  2. We will ensure that the Designated Named Person and other volunteers will have access to training
    around Safeguarding Children and Adults.
  3. We recognise that everyone has different levels of vulnerability and that all children and vulnerable
    adults should be offered respect and given inclusion and empowerment within their choir.
  4. We will put in place appropriate recruitment processes for all paid staff, taking up references with
    past/current employers as a matter of course. For any staff who will have direct and unaccompanied
    contact with members and their families BFCS request an appropriate level of Disclosure and Barring
    Service (DBS) check.
  5. Any outreach programmes with children and vulnerable adults will be undertaken in collaboration with
    parents or other responsible adults who will remain responsible for them throughout rehearsals and
    performances. A risk assessment will be completed by the Designated Safeguarding Officer in advance
    ensuring any mitigating actions are communicated to and taken by relevant staff/volunteers/members.
  6. All suspicions or allegations of abuse will be taken seriously and responded to. If we know or suspect that
    a young person or vulnerable adult is being abused, we will do something about it and ensure our work is
    properly recorded.
  7. We undertake to notify Local Authorities/Police and other appropriate agencies when an abuse situation
    is identified.
  8. BFCS will cooperate fully with the relevant agencies in every situation and will not conduct its own
    investigations. It recognises that it is not the role of BFCS to decide whether a child or vulnerable adult
    has been abused or not. This is the role of the Social Services department who has legal responsibility, or
    the NSPCC who have powers to investigate child protection concerns under the Children Act.
  9. Confidentiality for all parties will be maintained at every stage of such event.
  10. Safeguarding issues will be reviewed at least annually by the Trustees.
    BFCS has a duty of care to abide by this policy and to report concerns. All officers and volunteers will be asked to familiarise themselves with this document.

You can find more information about how BFCS provides safeguards in our full safeguarding policy.