This season sees the launch of our major new project BFCS 2020, a first step in broadening the diversity of both our choir and our audiences.

By 2020, we aim to increase the proportion of choir members aged under 45 to 20%, the size of our audiences by 20%, and the proportion of audience members aged under 45 to 20%.

Basing our plans on research, we are offering free concert tickets and reduced choir subscriptions to people aged 30 and under (as well as to anyone on a low income).

The presentation of concerts will be varied, exploring different venues and some informal settings.  We are planning to collaborate with other organisations to create richer events, with pre-concert talks offering performers’ insights into the music, and exhibitions connecting the music with our city. We will be running a publicity campaign in the press and on social media, and making direct contact with colleges and employers, exploring ways to bring the benefits of singing to them.