Co-Chair of Trustees and/or Choir Secretary

Maggie Eisner is currently combining these roles. We need someone either to take over one of them, or to share both roles. The combined roles include:

  • Keeping an overview of all choir activities
  • Preparing agendas for Trustee meetings and chairing them.
  • Liaising with the Musical Director
  • Liaising with committee members and working groups
  • Preparing agendas for committee meetings, and chairing them
  • Communicating with members by email
  • Communicating with members at meetings
  • Responding to members’ suggestions and concerns
  • Corresponding with other organisations, e g other choirs, Bradford Council, etc
  • Responding to approaches from other organisations

Responsibility for flyers and programmes

Maggie Eisner is currently doing this and will be very happy to work alongside a new person when they start. It involves

  • Sourcing images for flyers and programmes
  • Liaising with Musical Director and other musicians for text and information, and with Membership Team for up to date choir list
  • Assembling programme items
  • Liaising with designer (who organises printing)
  • Organising proofreading of flyers and programmes
  • Liaising with advertisers and adapting their artwork to fit into programmes