General appearance

Our intention is to look formal, smart and professional. We are a choir of individuals, but we need a cohesive appearance, hence a dress code.

The following may seem a bit didactic, but comments from choir members and audience members have helped us identify important issues.


  • All black. Floor length skirt or dress, or black trousers (not too tight-fitting, like leggings or skinny jeans). No short or calf length skirts or dresses please, however lovely your legs are.
  • Tops also black – individuals can choose their own style but sleeves should be at least elbow length. They may be lacy, but not revealing or low cut (i.e. no cleavage).
  • Please bear in mind that some materials fade in the wash – we want a good strong black colour.
  • Jewellery – discretionary – discreet earrings, necklace, rings, bracelets, brooches – silver, gold or black.
  • Shoes and tights or socks – black. Please don’t show bare legs or ankles.
  • A small black handbag may be carried on to the stage if required.


  • Dinner suit with white shirt
  • Black shoes and socks
  • Black bow tie

Occasional performances

There will be concerts when we have a different dress code according to the occasion e.g. Christmas.   We will let choir members know in good time.


Every member of the choir must have a BFCS folder for every performance. These can be purchased from the library team.