Can’t make a rehearsal?

Drop a quick text to 07774 680092 or email

Online rehearsal instructions and troubleshooting

How to join the rehearsal:

Joining the rehearsal is easy – simply click the link sent by email (it’s the same link for every rehearsal) and follow the onscreen prompts.
You should join the rehearsal from TEN MINUTES before the start time – no earlier please!
Alternatively use the dial in option (also in the choir email).

A more detailed guide to joining the rehearsal from different devices is here if you need it.


If you have tech problems, please have a look at the Online rehearsals troubleshooting guide to solve them.

If you are unable to solve the problems for yourself, please send a short email to the BFCS email address and we will try our best to sort it out.

How the rehearsals will work / etiquette:

This is very different from a normal rehearsal!

– Because of the inherent latency in connection, there is no way of hearing everyone’s sound at the same time – there is no software that can deal with this. This means that you sing along at home with the director and you must have your mic switched off at all times. This can be done by clicking the bottom of the video screen where a mic should appear – click so this is red.

– No other software (browsers / social media etc) can be open during the rehearsal – we don’t want you to accidentally present the content of your screen to the whole choir!

– Using headphones will improve the quality of the sound you hear (unless you have fabulous speakers attached to your computer).

– Access the rehearsal from an appropriate space (not a bedroom or bathroom) and be aware that if your video feed is on (which makes it feel more sociable) we can see you!

– Use the chat feature to ask questions and say hi to everyone

– If there are connectivity problems, don’t panic! If your connection drops you should be able to rejoin easily. If Tom cuts out, Chris will take over, and vice versa.

Online rehearsal dates:

April 1, 8

Easter break

April 29

May 6, 13, 20, 27

June 3, 10, 17, 24